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  • Welcome to Fresh Survey

     Fresh Survey Private Limited is a Quality Inspection Service providing company located in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. Having presence across the nation we aim to provide an ideal experience for sourcing quality produce from India.
      The company plans to achieve this goal by the quality services providing to clients, an unbiased inspection report reflecting true features of the produce assure overseas clients about quality. Fresh Survey Pvt Ltd act as a reliable source of information for clients.

    Our Services

    "The services which we offer are quality inspection services on behalf of the importers.The categories for fruits and vegetables which will be checking are."

    Provides onsite third party inspection service for fruits and vegetables.

    Assures lot wise quality report on daily basis.

    Provide a quick quality status overview of all the lots.

    Gives weekly updates on all the dispatched containers transit status.

    Help to find reputed suppliers from India for different agro-commodities.

    Assist clients during their visit to India.

    Helps in drawing the on-site samples for residue analysis and get analysed from accredited labs in India or to courier them to overseas labs.

    Benefits of working with us

    "We make your overall procurement management easier"

    •   Gives the client more in depth idea about quality by onsite inspection during actual packing.
    •   Transparency in services and truly unbiased data.
    •   Use of cutting edge equipment to give accurate results.
    •   Our reports assist in quality based allocation of consignments to proper markets/ clients prior to arrival.
    •   Gives precise idea of the produce in every quality aspect.
    •   Saves the time and money spent on rectifying the labelling issues.
    •   A quick glance of the packaging material quality.
    •   Over-viewing the temperature controls throughout the process flow to assure product shelf life.
    •   Presents more detailed vivid aesthetic features of the produce.
    •   Concise report on cleanliness and hygiene conditions of the facility.
    •   The residue analysis of pack-house drawn samples done by EU’s Fruit Monitoring program approved labs from India, getting you ahead on the lab results       which helps in quick dispatch of consignments on arrival.
    •   Over-all reducing cost of sending your organisation’s team for quality inspections.

    Why Choose Us?

    Fresh Survey Pvt Ltd. is on a drive to improve the quality of fruits and vegetables that are exported from India,to give the world the real taste of India's rich fruits and vegetables. The company aims to provide clients with high class quality of fruits and vegetables by having an eye on exporters of India.
        As a client establishing a professional relationship with us will make you feel well informed of the quality of produce you could expect at your end in each consignment, this further helps fasten your decision for the precise allocation of consignment to the specific market according to their quality requirements. Also in the awake of on-going corona pandemic we give immense importance to cleanliness and hygiene which is really the need of the hour considering how labour intensive industry this is.
        The company is dedicated to give you transparent daily quality inspection reports attached with photos embedded with real time, date and GPS coordinates considering how rapidly the quality of sorting and grading can change on a daily basis. The company’s technical team has experience in the fruits and vegetables export industry since 40 years and capable to inspect every fruits and vegetables source in India. In all we become the eyes of our over-seas clients in India.