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  • The services which we offer are quality inspection services on behalf of the importers.The categories for fruits and vegetables which will be checking are.
    Service 1

    Provides onsite third party inspection service for fruits and vegetables.

    Service 2

    Assures lot wise quality report on daily basis.

    Service 3

    Provide a quick quality status overview of all the lots.

    Service 4

    Gives weekly updates on all the dispatched containers transit status.

    Service 5

    Help to find reputed suppliers from India for different agro-commodities.

    Service 6

    Assist clients during their visit to India.

    Service 7

    Helps in drawing the on-site samples for residue analysis and get analysed from accredited labs in India or to courier them to overseas labs.


    We have our own set of inspection points that are checked through out the packing process. The inspection will be carried out on basis of the client (importers)'s set of required specifications.

    "We examine the overall cleaniliness and hygine of work force and the pack-house."

    Transparent services and truly unbiased data.

    Our report covers size, sugar, cosmetic defects, color, aesthetic features, presentation with photos embedded with GPS co-ordinates, date and time.

    Punctuality in daily quality reports.

    Use of cutting edge equipment indicating accurate results.

    Gives you the precise idea of quality of the produce.

    We do take care of labeling errors/mistakes.

    We also provide you quick over-view about quality of packing material.

    Inspecting the storage conditions/temperature of the produce at actual site.

    We examine the overall cleaniliness and hygine of work force and the pack-house.